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DIRECT MAIL - Lettermail

Lettermail™, aka First Class Mail, is an effective and personal way to reach your customers - whether it's your primary communications channel or part of an integrated media strategy.

Want to be certain that your customers receive your message? Lettermail is great way to send business correspondence, newsletters, invoices or statements.

Combining transactional and promotional mailings into one document and send via Lettermail is a great way to cross or up sell your existing customer base. Sell more to your existing customers - it makes good business sense. Don't you think?

If you did not know, 89% of Canadians open and read their mail the same day they receive it. Become part of the habits and rituals of Canadians both at home and at work.

And now, you can add value to your first class mailings by adding a marketing message through the use of a CUSTOMIZED Postal Indicia! For more details, click this link.

Before we forget, when was the last time you did not open a letter with a stamp on it? First Class mail works. Period.

Call us to see why we say we are 'Beyond First Class'!


Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Current Lettermail™ rates can be found here: Lettermail™ Rates
The detailed Customer guide can be found here: Lettermail™ Customer Guide.

Want to know more about PERSONALIZED MAIL? Click here.

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