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DIRECT MAIL - Publications Mail

Publications Mail™ is the only way to cost effectively distribute magazines or newsletters. Reach readers anywhere in Canada with reliable and economical delivery by Canada Post. You can send to current subscribers, non-subscribers and news dealers.

Place a Repositionable Note or 'RPN' on your Publication for increased response and a quick reminder for your customer. Wrap your Publication in polyfilm, insert a blow-in or reply envelope and make your Publication mail more than just information...turn it into a marketing piece.

Before you get too excited about your marketing options, Canada Post does have a number of requirements that must be met. Your publication needs to:

Be in the format of a newspaper, magazine (including magalogues) or newsletter.
Consist of a single publication or a bundle of publications destined to a single address.
Be addressed to a subscriber, non-subscriber or news dealer.
Get published with a regular frequency and at least twice a year.
Contain news and information intended for public dissemination. It must not contain confidential or proprietary information.
Contain a maximum of 70% advertising content in more than half of the issues we deliver in a 12-month period.
Be deposited in Canada and addressed to Canadian addresses only.

If want to know more about labelling/addressing options for your 'Pub' mailing, just give us a call. We've processed more than a few magazines over the years and we know exactly what to do.

The more you know about mail production, the better WATT Solutions looks!


Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Current Publications Mail™ rates can be found here: Publications Mail™ Rate Sheet.
The detailed Customer Guide can be found here: Publications Mail™ Customer Guide.
What additional advertising can I include? Publications Mail™ Enclosure Eligibility.

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