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DIRECT MAIL - Dimensional Personalized Mail

Dimensional Personalized Mail™ is a direct mail service that allows you to send 3 dimensional, eye-catching direct mail packages, product samples, promotional videos and other promotional items on a targeted and personalized basis.

Dimensional Mail shares the same key benefits of Personalized Mail™ plus it will stand out and be immediately noticeable because it has a presence in the mail box.

Why not use a medium that gets noticed, gets in the door, gets them opened and gets your customers' attention at a time that is most convenient to them? Its human nature - people will be drawn to the biggest items in the mailbox first. Of all forms of direct marketing, Canadians welcome mail the most. Why not send them a sample of your product?

Your imagination is the only limit with Dimensional Personalized Mail. Appeal to all the senses with mailings that recipients can touch, smell, taste, see or hear. And Dimensional mail provides you with the superior benefit of your mail item standing out from your competition.

Despite the glitz and red carpet appeal of 3D direct marketing, many organizations have yet to tap into the fact that Dimensional mail works - it really does. We are not kidding. So, take full advantage of our production services and put Dimensional Personalized Mail to work today.


Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Current Dimensional Personalized Mail™ rates can be found here: Dimensional Mail Rate Sheet.
The detailed Customer Guide can be found here: Dimensional Mail Customer Guide.

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