WATT Solutions - Direct Mail, Printing & Fulfillment Services - London, Ontario Canada

DATA - Variable / Personalized Image Printing

Making sure every dollar hits the mark.

Knowing your customers and communicating with them in a personalized way is the difference between winners and losers. If someone is going to lose, let it be your competitor and not you.

Whether you need a traditional addressed letter or something as advanced as a highly personalized piece with variable targeted data, our advanced systems are capable of handling your specific requirements.

Whatever your terminology - Individualization, Personalization or 1:1, Digital Variable Data Printing (VDP) can produce outstanding results and improve the bottom-line.

Spend 1 dollar, and receive a return of 11 dollars. That's double the return of any other advertising medium! So, when you execute your Direct Mail campaign as it should be, you can expect and noticeable impact to your balance sheet.

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