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CROSS-MEDIA Solutions - Generic URLs

GURLs...Not all created the same!

Personalized and Generic URLs are leading edge direct marketing techniques. Because we pride ourselves in keeping you ahead of the curve, your bottom line can benefit by combining print, direct mail, variable printing, VIP landing pages, email, viral marketing - even text messaging for a powerful marketing jab, cross, hook and upper cut combination.

In a nut shell, Cross-Media Mailing combines traditional direct mail tactics with relevant electronic media; all with the purpose driven goal to improve response rates well beyond what a typical Direct Marketing campaign can pull.

People respond to their name, but they also respond when you attract them with a right offer, interact by providing relevant information and react precisely with correct follow up.

Attract, Interact and React - that's Cross-Media Mailing Solutions. Interested in discussing the differences between PURLs and GURLs? Give us a call. We are always anxious to discuss how to improve response rates and obtain higher return on investment for your marketing dollars!

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