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DIRECT MAIL - Custom Postal Indicias

Custom Indicia options
A Customized Postal Indicia gives commercial customers the opportunity to leverage the upper-right corner of an envelope for marketing purposes. Using images RELEVANT to your campaign will send the right message and help improve response.

Add even MORE RELEVANCE to your mailings by using variable images triggered from your mailing database specifics. Imagine: dog images for dog owners, cat images for cat owners...all within the same mailing. See how your open-rate increases when using this marketing tactic!

Contact us and we'll make it easy by working with Canada Post to help obtain the required approvals. Better yet, have us print all of your mailing material and we will ensure the postal specifications are met!

There are some specific requirements that need to met for use of this special marketing indicia. Here are some of the details:
• the smallest and most 'stamp-like' indicia must measure a minimum of 36 mm x 19 mm and be only used for Addressed Admail
• the larger horizontal indicia must measure a minimum of 64 mm x 31 mm and maximum of 74 mm x 36 mm
• the vertical format (left image above) must measure a minimum of 46 mm x 31 mm and maximum of 54 mm x 36 mm
• must be printed in the Postage Zone of an item (within 40 mm of the top edge and 74 mm of the right edge)
• is comprised of Canada Post reserved and customizable elements
• Canada Post reserved elements include the perforated border, Canada Post logo and service name. These elements cannot be altered in any way. The preferred ink colour for printing these elements is black. If the entire envelope will be printed as a single colour (other than black) other dark colors are acceptable provided there is sufficient contrast between these elements and the background.
• The customizable elements include the customer visual area on the right and the customer number. The customer visual area can include any of the following: customer logo, text, graphic or image provided these are approved by Canada Post*. The customer number must be added in its designated location within the EPS file and should be between two (2) and five (5) mm tall. Sans serif font, such as Myriad, or Arial, is recommended for the permit number. All customizable elements should be placed on the appropriate layer within the EPS file.


Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Artwork and more specific details can be found here: Canada Post Indicia Artwork.
Customized Postal Indicia product specifications can be found here: Customizable Indicia Specifications.

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