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DIRECT MAIL - Personalized Mail Mini-Catalogues

The New York Times, Canada Post, Royal Mail and eMarketer statistics show:

33% of Canadians make a purchase online, in a store or by phone, after receiving a catalogue.

40% of Canadians hold onto catalogues for longer than a month.

Shoppers who first looked at a catalogue spent 109% more time on the website than the average visitor. And once they do start buying, catalogue browsers often fill their cart with higher ticket values.

As of March 30, 2015, Canada Post has introduced the Personalized Mail Mini-Catalogue. The idea is to use this as an acquisition and retention tool by providing mailers with a cost-effective catalogue solution. The mini-catalogue is only available for Machineable preparation although a similar type catalogue can be produced as Special Handling at a different price-point. The Machineable rate for the mini-catalogue is $0.45 and $0.50 for Special Handling for up to 50g.

Requirements for the Machineable Mini-Catalogue:
• Must be a catalogue: list of items for sale with descriptions and/or prices
• Can contain coupons but must not be a coupon booklet
• Can be sent as a self-mailer or in an envelope
• If sent as a self-mailer, must have the fold along the bottom edge plus a clip or spot seal on the top as well as a clip or spot seal on the edge to the right of the address.
• Must be a minimum of 8 pages or panels
• Piece size is 6.1” x 9.6”
• Must meet the Machineable Standard Personalized Mail specifications

Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Personalized Mail™ Machineable Mail Standards can be found here: Machineable Personalized Mail™ .

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