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As a Canada Post Partner, we can offer additional reduced postage rates on your Neighbourhood Mail distribution. Yes...POSTAGE SAVINGS!

You will benefit from an ADDITIONAL SAVINGS of 24% OFF regular Neighbourhood Mail postage rates! <<< 24% OFF >>>

This offer is provided only by your Canada Post Partner. If you are mailing less than 100,000 pieces per year, contact us...these savings are significant!

You fit into one of many lifestyle categories. Income, age, and education all contribute to your placement.

Canada Post, in conjunction with Census Canada data, allow you to identify neighbourhoods that match specific criteria. That's just the beginning. Your product or service may be perfect for families living in the city, for example, or for apartment dwellers. You can narrow it down by income level, age and household size, among others. There are 7 demographic variables that you can use to define your target audience, and you can choose up to 3. Targeting this way means you can avoid routes that don’t match your demographic criteria...saving you money.

Why send 100,000 flyers only once when we can help identify, select and distribute flyers to a refined group of people. One time or multiple touches to same targeted group? Which tactic do your think will produce better results?
Let us help you use Neighbourhood Mail™ precision target marketing and the many levels of available statistical data to optimize the best way to reach your target audience.

Flyers, brochures, cards, coupons, envelopes, samples, magazines, newspapers, and co-op mailings are a few options for your next campaign.

No matter what your size or sector, Canada Post's Neighbourhood Mail™ service can help you find new customers, keep existing ones, and encourage them to spend more. And now with reduced and more predicable transportation times, you can more accurately get your message in the hands of your prospects when it's most effective!

If you want to get a head start, Canada Post's Precision Targeter is a terrific utility to help you select distribution areas and provide basic information on the counts of houses, apartments, farms and businesses throughout Canada. If things are a touch confusing, just give us a call and we will help make the most of Canada Post.

Neighbourhood Mail is a cost effective way to increase market share. A straight forward no nonsense approach to business success!


Here are some useful Canada Post links:
Current Neighbourhood Mail rates can be found here: Neighbourhood Mail™ Rate Sheet.
The detailed Customer guide can be found here: Neighbourhood Mail™ Customer Guide.
All Canadian FSA maps and counts can be found here: Precision Targeter.

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